Shhh... Dad's Secret to the Perfect Nap

Shhh... Dad's Secret to the Perfect Nap

Have you ever seen anyone as peaceful as dad taking his afternoon nap in his recliner? I can tell you from experience that sometimes a 10-minute recliner nap can be just as good as a one-hour couch nap. Did you know that this reclining position has a name? It’s called the zero-gravity position.

The zero-gravity position involves reclining at an approximate 120-degree angle with legs elevated slightly above the heart. It promotes neutral spine alignment and reduces strain on the lower back and hips. It also distributes body weight evenly, reducing pressure points and promoting optimal blood circulation. You can also apply this position to things other than sleep, like reading or watching television.

If sitting in the zero-gravity position is comfortable, can you imagine how great sleeping in ZG is? The zero-gravity position could not only help you sleep better and reduce pain, but it could also:
● Promote heart health
● Digestive health
● Respiratory health
● Give better quality sleep

With these medical benefits, it’s a considerably healthy way to rest! Now what if you could get these benefits from your mattress? You can, with an adjustable base.
Adjustable beds aren't just fancy hospital beds. They're your ticket to customized comfort, better health, and the deepest sleep of your life. They do more today than just raise your head. You can elevate your head to stop snoring, find the perfect angle to ease back pain, or even give yourself a soothing massage. An adjustable base can put you in this zero-gravity sleep position daily.

The best part is that an adjustable base will work with most new mattresses and may even work with yours. The options on adjustable beds are endless. There are so many styles that can do so many things. Things like:
● Head up/down
● Feet up/down
● Head tilt
● Lumbar support
● Anti-snore
● TV/lounge positions
● Massage features
● programmable settings
● Bluetooth
● Under Bed lighting

Come by and try one out for yourself. We have several styles that you can test out to see what options you like.

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