Tired of Waking Up Sweaty? Here's Your Sleep Solution!

Tired of Waking Up Sweaty? Here's Your Sleep Solution!

Have you ever woken up feeling like you just climbed out of a sauna? You're not alone!  Many people come to us because their old mattress is turning their bedroom into a furnace. Trust us, nobody enjoys that!

The good news is, there's a simple fix: the right mattress!

Here's the science behind the sweat: some memory foams get softer as you get warmer, causing you to sink in and trap heat.  It's like being wrapped in a giant, warm hug... that gets uncomfortable fast!

But what if you could sleep cool and comfortable all night long?

At American Mattress Outlet, we specialize in mattresses that help you sleep on top, not in, the mattress. We offer two amazing options:

  • Copper and Gel Infused Foam: This luxurious foam is denser and more supportive, keeping you on top of the mattress for better airflow. Plus, the gel infusion makes it super breathable!
  • Copper Infused Latex: This is my personal favorite (and what I sleep on myself!).  Copper is a natural heat conductor, so it pulls heat away from your body and keeps you cool.  Plus, latex is naturally bouncy and supportive, so you won't sink in and get hot. It also lasts longer than memory foam, making it a great investment!

We know choosing a mattress can be overwhelming, but that's where we come in! Swing by American Mattress Outlet today and let our sleep experts help you find the perfect cool-sleeping mattress for you. You'll be saying goodbye to night sweats and hello to a restful, comfortable sleep in no time!

P.S. We also carry pillows and sheets designed to keep you cool! Ask us about them when you visit.
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